“I was really enthusiastic that suddenly there was a product that could support me, when I work alone.”


Intelligent workwear for electricians who want to take safety in their own hands, and who seek reliable, comfortable and robust protection against electrical accidents.

“In Nanoleq we found a good and reliable partner”

“The softness  and stretchability of ElectroSkin electrodes, together with their excellent electrical properties, were the best option we could find in the market. With the excellent cooperation of Nanoleq we were able to customize our products in a way that perfectly fits to our needs. Such a development cooperation needs a lot of trust and initiative from both sides. In Nanoleq we found a good and reliable partner.”

Why Nanoleq supports Adresys

We support Adresys with their commitment to quality. Together, we empower Andresys' customers with the right tools to take safety to a higher level, with a smart garment designed to reliably monitor electrical accidents during multiple wearing cycles.