“The evomove® with the orthosis has given me back so much quality of life, which I no longer want to miss. It has also greatly increased my enjoyment of life again and I can even go for a short walk sometimes.”
- evomove® user


The evomove® is a medical device for people with walking difficulties. It activates the muscles in the leg and hip with electrical impulses and improves walking movements. The evomove® can be used as an orthosis component or on its own. Thus, the best of the two technologies can be combined: activity, dynamics, and stability while walking through FES and standing stability, and orthopedic correction through the orthosis.

Product used

"ElectroSkin STIM electrodes from Nanoleq are flatter than conventional electrodes in the market"

"The ElectroSkin STIM electrodes from Nanoleq are flatter than conventional electrodes in the market. In addition, they can be better integrated and we dispense with complex connection technology. This makes it more suitable for everyday use by our customers and easier to process in our production. The use of the ElectroSkin STIM makes our product more performant and the production more cost-efficient. They also reduce skin irritation for our patients who wear the product for several hours a day."

Why Nanoleq supports EVOMOTION

Electrostimulation is a powerful tool that can have a great impact in people’s lives. However, it is challenging to perform it without causing pain on the patients due to dry conditions. At Nanoleq, we fabricate components that enable the use of electrical stimulation without causing any pain, which in turn allows patients to enjoy the benefits of electrostimulation.