PhantomTape X


The Connectivity Standard for Textile Solutions
Highly twistable and bendable
Corrosion Free
Best in class corrison and sweat resistance
Endures more than 100 tested washing cycles
Compatible with skin
Transmission of power and high speed data even under stretching

Why PhantomTAPE?

PhantomTape is a highly conductive and elastic tape, which provides excellent electrical and mechanical protection. It is washable and survives all sorts of corrosion processes.

Still worried about textile integration? PhantomTape X is ready to be laminated and connected to any garment via simple hot pressing. Textile manufacturers can now easily form reliable electrical connections, without electronics expertise and without the need for crimping or soldering.

Adopt the new connectivity standard with PhantomTape X!


The PhantomTape Starter Kit is the right choice if electrodes are not needed in your smart garment, but you are looking for a reliable way to build electrical connections on your textile, which are stretchable, washable and ready for an industrial scale-up. Necessary textile workshop tools for handling lamination and buttons: Hot press or lamination machine (for starters, an iron works as well), textile button press & hole puncher.


  • 20 Meters of PhantomTape X
  • 20 PhantomLink Lower 5cm
  • 10 PhantomLink Upper
  • 10 Upper Patches
  • 10 Snap Buttons
  • 5 Insulation Patches
  • Integration Tools
  • SOP Documentation
    Price without integration tools: 584.00 (CHF)
    Price with integration tools: 984.00 (CHF)