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Stretchable wires for the future of e-textiles.

The most conductive rubber in the world.

The future will see the democratization of small, soft and integrated electronics that perfectly conform to body movements.

Electrical cables are rigid, this is the status quo. Based on 5 years of R&D in stretchable electronics, we have developed elastic materials with the world’s best conductivity. At nanoleq, we bring this technology one step further with the creation of a new kind of electrical cables and connectors.

Highly stretchable, light, corrosion resistant and easy to integrate, our StretchOne cable solution will be a game changer for many applications.

Special applications require special conductors. This image shows a spinal cord implant with seven highly stretchable conductive lines.

Products based on StretchOne

StretchOne Tape

nanoleq´s unique conductor materials open up new possibilities for the smart textile industry. Together with partners nanoleq is developing electrical connections for e-textiles which are stretchable and applicable in a one-step bonding process. StretchOne Tape is a textile thermal bonding tape equipped with soft and highly conductive elastomers. Our tapes are washable and perform reliably in almost all standard e-textile applications.


  • Best corrosion and sweat resistance

  • Fully stretchable and comfortable

  • Quick and easy to apply (standard lamination)

  • Perfect transmission of power and high speed data while stretched

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StretchOne Wire

StretchOne Wire is an electrical wire like no other. It is stretchable, twistable and soft. In its core sits a thin filament of an ultraconductive soft elastomer with unmatched volume resistivity, embedded in a protective insulation layer. For many industries like consumer electronics, medtech, textiles and robotics it will open doors to new applications. StretchOne Wire performs well with high speed data transmission, LF audio signals and low power applications for applications such as LEDs, sensors and electrostimulation.


  • Stretchable, highly twistable and bendable

  • Best corrosion resistance, washable

  • Transmission of low power and high speed data while stretched

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Powering textile LEDs with StretchOne Tape.