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Do you wear e-textiles?

E-textiles are clothes which integrate electronics to become interactive and functional. E-shirts can monitor our muscle activity, breathing and body temperature while doing sport. In the coming years, e-jackets will save workers from electric shocks; posture shirts will ensure correct body posture; stimulation suits will even make partially paralyzed people walk again; soldiers’ jackets will be equipped with biosensors to anticipate threats. E-textiles will actively keep us warm, provide cooling, telecommunication, muscle support and much more. The future will see the democratization and standardization of e-textiles as they will bring tremendous benefits in the daily life as well as in sports, workwear, medical, military and automotive applications.

However, despite the trend toward smart textiles, the textile and electronics industries did not merge successfully yet. E-textiles are not yet practical, comfortable or long lasting. This is because they mostly rely on rigid wires and bulk metals, which are not elastic and corrode when exposed to washing. In fact, the lack of a suitable technology to form electrical circuits on textiles is the main hurdle for a large-scale adoption and industrialization of e-textiles.​

PhantomTape & ElectroSkin are our solutions that address your problems:

​We are material experts with a strong expertise in the field of stretchable electronics. Our material technology was designed by a team of engineers at ETH Zürich (best European engineering university) where we originally developed stretchable and electrical implants. Over the last 7 years, we have optimized this material technology, which resulted in the most conductive rubber in the world. 

At nanoleq, we are bringing the next generation of elastic conductors to the textile industry with our first 2 products: PhantomTape, the first truly stretchable cables for textile integration and ElectroSkin, the soft dry electrodes with the best-in-class conductivity and performance. Our customers value them as the enabling components in several sport, workwear and medical smart garments. 

Our elastic conductors and electrodes make e-textiles comfortable, smooth and durable. Contact us and tell us your needs!


basic insulation

high SNR


highly conductive


basic insulation

easy lamination & connection

high durability


PhantomTape is a highly conductive and elastic tape, which provides excellent electrical and mechanical protection. It is washable and survives all sorts of corrosion processes. Worrying about textile integration? PhantomTape is ready to be laminated and connected onto any garment via simple hot pressing.

Textile manufacturers can now easily form reliable electrical connections, without electronics expertise and without the need for crimping or soldering.


Adopt the new connectivity standard with PhantomTape!


  • Stretchable, highly twistable and bendable

  • Best corrosion resistance, washable

  • Transmission of power and high speed data while stretched


ElectroSkin is the only textile electrode solution of excellence. Thanks to a novel conductor material technology, nanoleq created a hybrid polymer-textile electrode solution. ElectroSkin is ultraconductive and ultrathin, resistant to corrosion and easy to laminate directly onto garments. Its connection is made easy as ElectroSkin comes with a smart connection interface, directly compatible with lamination.

ElectroSkin shows outstanding performance for electrostimulation, ECG, EMG or EEG applications.


Adopt the new electrode standard with ElectroSkin! 


  • Best corrosion and sweat resistance

  • Fully stretchable and comfortable

  • Quick and easy to apply (standard lamination)

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